Top of the range AT-3 with Garmin Glass Cockpit and Night VFR Approval


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Aero AT-3 R100 GLX 

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S2T Aero Ltd. are pleased to announce that the next development of the successful AERO AT-3 VLA all metal trainer/tourer is now ready to be launched onto the European market.  The AERO AT-3 R100 GLX represents the new “top of the range” for the EASA CS-VLA certified AT-3 series, produced by AERO AT Sp. z o.o. of Poland.  The new model has a certified Garmin glass cockpit, Night VFR approval and a number of other new features not previously available for the AT-3.

The new features of the AT-3 R100 GLX include:

- Garmin G500 Dual Screen Electronic Flight Display

- Garmin GNS 430W GPS/NAV/COM

- Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel

- Garmin GTX 328 Mode S Transponder

- Electronic Engine Monitoring MVP-50


- Garmin SL30 Nav/Com

- 2 1/4" Analogue Back-up Instruments (AH, ASI, VSI)

- Equipped and approved for Night VFR

- Input for iPod/MP3 Player

- LED Landing and Taxi Lights

- ELT Kannad 406 Compact
- Heated Pitot Tube
- Locking Fuel Cap


The glass cockpit of the Aero AT-3 R100 GLX is clearly and logically laid out with everything within easy reach of the pilot. Lighted gauges and instrument panel are part of the VFR Night option. Dual throttles are standard, as with previous versions of the Aero AT-3 R100 series.

Prices for the AT-3 R100 GLX will be in the region of EUR 125,000 – 130,000 ex-factory, excl. VAT, depending on the customer’s chosen specification.

In addition, the aircraft incorporates a number of
recent upgrades already available on other
versions of the AT-3 such as:

- Increased engine offset to reduce yaw at high rpm & low airspeeds

- Additional throttle friction unit to prevent Rotax “creeping throttle” syndrome

- Modified exhaust mount to significantly prolong life of exhaust muffler

- Luxurious and ergonomic leather upholstery

- “Canopy not latched” sensor and warning light

- Adjustable oil radiator flap operated from the cockpit

The first example of the Aero AT-3 R100 GLX will be delivered to a private customer based near London, U.K. at the end of 2010.


Like the rest of the Aero AT series, which also includes the AT-4 LSA (marketed in the USA as the Gobosh G700), the Aero AT-3 R100 is the only metal aircraft in either the certified VLA or the LSA category to employ the same construction methods as conventional larger GA aircraft, namely solid rivets (not pop rivets!) on all structural parts and generally stronger grade skins and profiles. This gives the aircraft a robustness and durability second to none in its class, making it ideal for club, group and training use and ensuring longevity.  The AT-3 also has the most stable flight characteristics and is generally recognised to fly and feel like a bigger aircraft, with much less of the twitchiness and over sensitivity associated with similar aircraft. With a cruise of 108 kts and Va and Vno both of 112 kts, most operations with the AT-3 take place within the “green range” on the ASI.

Most importantly, the Aero AT-3 R100 has been fully certified in the EASA CS-VLA category since January 2005, meaning that the aircraft is operated on a full C of A and can be used for full PPL training, hire, charter and commercial “for profit” operations incl. Night VFR RIGHT NOW! No need to wait, as with some other types, for a restricted C of A and the uncertainty that brings with it.